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DatePricePrice (Distributing)
Mar 20, 2019 140.68101.61
Mar 13, 2019 140.57101.53
Mar 6, 2019 140.33101.35
Feb 27, 2019 140.25101.30
Feb 20, 2019 140.20101.27
Feb 13, 2019 140.01101.12
Feb 6, 2019 139.82100.99
Jan 30, 2019 139.48100.74
Jan 23, 2019 139.33100.64
Jan 16, 2019 139.09100.46
Jan 9, 2019 138.71100.19
Jan 2, 2019 139.08100.46
Dec 31, 2018 139.07100.45
Dec 27, 2018 139.02100.41
Dec 19, 2018 139.04100.43
Dec 12, 2018 138.89100.32
Dec 5, 2018 139.19100.53
Nov 28, 2018 139.24100.57
Nov 21, 2018 139.29100.61
Nov 14, 2018 139.81100.98

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