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Investing in securities may involve the following risks:

  • The possible profit of each investment directly depends on the risk. The higher the possible profit, the higher the risk.

  • Irrational factors such as moods, opinions, and rumours may influence the performance and profit of your investment as well.

  • The period of an investment influences its risks.

  • Investing in diverse securities may reduce the risk of the total investment (spreading of risk).

  • In general, financial institutions advise clients against investing loan capital (e.g. purchasing securities on credit). There is interest on loan capital, which increases the risk and reduces possible profit.

  • Each investor is responsible for the taxation of investments. Financial institutions offer no taxation consultancy outside of investment consultancy.


General risks

Investing in thin market securities or securities without a strong secondary market means running the risk of influencing their performance in an unfavourable way. Besides that, it may be impossible to sell or buy the security at the time desired.

Purchase and sale order need to include special amendments defining the conditions under which the order may be carried out. The kinds of amendment and the definitions they give are different for each stock exchange. The way they are used may have a decisive impact on profit and risk of an investment.  


Risks of foreign investments

Risk and possible profit of an investment in foreign currency depend on the performance of the exchange rate. The risk is equally high when an investment is made in EUR but is strongly related to a foreign market (e.g. an American security quoted in EUR on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange).

Foreign market
Risk and possible profit of any investment depend on the convertibility of currency, the statutory regulations for foreign investors and the credit rating of the country invested in.


Risks of fixed-interest securities

Credit rating
The lower the credit rating of the debtor (issuer) the higher the interest that needs to be paid. For this reason fixed-interest securities with a rate of return higher than the corresponding return of the secondary market constitute a higher risk.

The performance of fixed-interest securities depends on the interest payment, the economic development of the issues as well as on the development of the interest rate level and the financial market the fixed-interest securities are quoted on.

Downside factor
Insolvency of the debtor (issuer) may result in loss of the capital invested.


Risks of shares

The performance of shares does not only depend on the economic development of the company but also on the economic situation and the development of the stock exchange dealing with the shares. If the current price is lower than the purchase price investors can only sell at a loss.

Downside factor
Insolvency of a corporation may result in loss of the capital invested.


Risks of investment funds

One needs to distinguish between money market funds, fixed-interest funds, mutual funds, mixed funds, fund of funds (=investment funds that only invest in other investment funds) and hedge funds (=funds investing in derivatives). Investors purchase units of the fund assets managed by fund managers.

All Austrian fund managing companies are obligated to take back units of fund assets. The same goes for investment funds run by foreign fund managing companies registered for public sale in Austria.

The risk of investment funds depends on the kind of securities and the markets involved in the investment. The higher the volatility of the investment fund the higher the risk. Investment funds offer the possibility to get insured against certain risks such as foreign currency.