Long term growth with high flexibility and risk-control

Composition Every combination possible (50 % Alpenbond, 50% GFS Growth)
Term Flexible. It is up to you how long you pay for savings. Recommended are 5 years and more.
Investment period Long-Term for asset composition (recommended)
Minimum investment Euro 50.-- per month or quarter. (Only available at Sparkasse Schwaz AG).
Redemption Every Tuesday (working days)

The fund savings plan as retirement provision

The financial gap which we can expect after an active working life is getting bigger after a series of pension reforms. With a fund savings plan you ensure your standard of living through wise personal provision.


Maximum flexibility

You can decide how long and how much you want to save. There is no minimum period and you can adjust your savings contributions to correspond to the current savings desired, at any time. You can also top up your fund savings account with one-off payments at any time.


The cost-average effect

As a fund saver, you can counteract cyclical trends, just like a stock market professional. You buy more shares when fund prices fall and less when the prices rise. This results in a more favourable average price in a long term. Together with that, there is no significant entry point for a savings plan compared to a one-off payment.